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Name:Jinian Star-Eye
Jinian grew up in Stoneflight Demesne, youngest and least-cared-for child of the beautiful Eller. Trained in the Art of the Wise by six mysterious women who served in the Demesne, she expected her life to take a much different path than it did. But suddenly she found herself unwillingly betrothed to the King of Dragonfire Demesne, and taken hostage -- and then hunted -- by the leaders of Daggerhawk Demesne. Escaping into Chimmerdong Forest, she found herself faced with an enormous puzzle and some extraordinary allies. What they want from her is unclear. The only message she's consistently received is this:

Watch. And Learn.

The rest of the mystery must puzzle itself out on its own.

On the road, the old road
A tower made of stone
In the tower hangs the bell
That cannot ring alone

Shadowbell rings in the dark
Daylight Bell the dawn
In the towers hung the bells
Now one tower's gone...

((Jinian Footseer, aka Dervish Daughter, aka Jinia Star-Eye is the creation of Sheri S. Tepper, from her True Game series. The character is being used for online RPG purposes only and is not intended to infringe upon the legal rights of her creator or copyright owners.

I am taking Jinian through her canon adventures chronologically, beginning with her escape from Porvius Bloster into Chimmerdong Forest. She will enter the Nexus to seek advice, and will make friends and occasionally offer suggestions of her own, but she does have a mission to fill, and will be filling it in keeping with her novels. If you're a fan of the True Game series, consider this an invocation of the other characters; Jinian would love to see them.))

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